Matthew Albert - Attorney

Matthew Albert - Attorney and Animal Welfare Volunteer in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York-based attorney Matthew Albert has practiced law in various capacities for 15 years. In addition to leading his legal practice, Matthew Albert is an attorney with VanDette Penberthy, LLP, and handles various criminal defense and animal and civil rights matters. He has prosecuted high-profile cases in state and federal courts.

Over the years, Mr. Albert has taken on various animal welfare cases pro bono and provided counsel that protected their rights and served their needs. As co-founder of the Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force in 2012, he coordinated the efforts of law enforcement, animal control officers, and civilian representatives in investigating dogfighters and other known abusers of animals. He also worked with rescue groups and behaviorists in seeking new homes for canines that the task force may have seized during investigations. Tasked with aiding in executing warrants, he lobbied toward implementing stricter laws on animal cruelty.

Mr. Albert has also envisioned and launched Against All Oddz Animal Alliance, Inc., and pursued law and rescue strategies in saving hundreds of dogs from abusive situations. He has engaged with animal trainers and behaviorists in understanding and addressing the often complex behavioral issue that dogs that have been severely traumatized have.

Matthew Albert Attorney

Matthew Albert Attorney


Matthew Albert
Buffalo, NY US